about Pataki

in the 2D realm I am Pataki,
I spend the majority of my time browsing the interweb, looking for treasures that can help in the process of knowing more.
in the 3D realm , I am Maram a 22years old mediterranean film student. As a kid, I liked making things with my hands—like shaping stuff from clay, drawing, and crafting. People thought I should be an artist, something I never really came to terms with,despite sucking at math and science, my younger self thought that there's more to me than being an artist. It's not that I had anything against artists; it's just that I never liked being into one category. I believed there was more to me than just fitting into the 'artist' box. growing up I started to break out of that predetermined mold, I took chances, tried out different things, and yeah, I messed up a bit along the way but learned a lot, about life and myself, in the end I came to the conclusion that I was right about what I believed myself to be, I can be things beyond 'an artist' while still identifying as one.
my relationship with visual arts: I have a very complex relationship with visuals, I capture and create images, but am only satisfied with very few of them I figured it's really pointless to keep my creations to myself, as maybe other people would find meaning and or appreciate them, which lead me to thinking about creating a website.I have been using social media as a platform to share my artwork, like instagram and facebook, however I personally think that there's no real value provided to what I create in an endlass mass of pixelated pictures, instagram's whole algorithm for example is only good to stay in touch with your friends or to be some kind of internet personality, using it as a space to share your artwork is a bit tricky,the follow and like system will overwhelm you as a creator, no much thought is going to be given to what you do, will sure elaborate on this one day, but for now I hope you spend fun time browsing the website, it's always going to be a work in progress so make sure to check for updates. ;) have a good one.

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2D Me.
ps: this illustration is made by an internet friend of mine,
thankyou so much for depicting me in such a way. :)

3D ME.
when I was 6 yold, this is my favorite pictures of all pics taken by my mother in my childhood,
I remember asking my dad to buy me a computer, he did, but for some reason mom decided to keep it with her,
I only had access to it on vacations, mom brought me bunch of cartoon CDs,
because we didn't have access to the internet, I remember watching Monster House, I think it was the first time I actually watch a movie, it gave me the best sensation you could get from a film,
that's why it is my favorite animated film.

bonus : grown up Pataki with her beloved desk